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Companies Registry Conference 2 December 2005

    5th and 6th December 2005

    The Financial Supervision Commission is hosting an international Companies Registry Conference on the 5th and 6th December 2005. Registrars and other senior personnel from Companies Registries in England, Ireland, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Northern Ireland, and Scotland will be attending. The objective of the conference is to share ideas and experiences, and to learn from each other.

    Over the 2 days, a series of workshops will be held covering subjects as diverse as the migration of companies and the implications of the recently introduced European public limited-liability company (Societas Europaea or SE), developments in company and associated legislation in each of the jurisdictions and the role of the Registries in the 21st Century.

    There will also be discussions on how new technology is being used in the various registries to provide a more streamlined and effective service. From the earliest days Registries have been open to new ideas and have been innovative and enthusiastic explorers of the latest technology and how it can best be adopted for our particular needs. The Companies Registry in the Isle of Man has an efficient and effective operation and is one of the few registries in the world to prove remote access to every live company document through the internet.

    The Financial Supervision Commission is now looking at the feasibility of developing a system that will allow the electronic incorporation of new companies and the submission of statutory documents on-line. The Registries in England and Ireland have already made some progress in this area and we hope to learn from their experience.

    2nd December 2005

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