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Isle of Man Airport December 2005 Air Passenger Figures 5 January 2006

    MONTHLY COMPARISON64045647497041.1
    PROGRESSIVE TOTAL this year773743806656329134.3
    MOVING ANNUAL TOTAL773743806656329134.3
    ALPHA ONE AIRLINES03737100.0
    AER ARANN12241172410500857.8
    BA CITIEXPRESS2148117938-3543-16.5
    EASTERN AIRWAYS317734272507.9
    EMERALD AIRWAYS121110-12111-100.0
    EUROMANX 12594241091151591.4
    VLM AIRLINES0453453100.0
    OTHER CHARTER SERVICES inc Private/Club flyers1087720-367-33.8
    BELFAST CITY A2B/BNWA/Flybe/Flykeen/Euromanx 29982710-288-9.6
    BIRMINGHAM Flybe/Eastern478249221402.9
    BLACKPOOL A2B/Flykeen/BNWA 1125783-342-30.4
    BRISTOL Eastern/Euromanx84396211914.1
    DUBLIN EuroManx/Aer Arann2870373286230.0
    EDINBURGH Alpha One 03737100.0
    GLASGOW (Euromanx/Loganair)2312175025410.0
    GATWICK (BA CitiExpress)99678689-1278-12.8
    LEEDS/BRADFORD Eastern Airways547366-181-33.1
    LIVERPOOL EuroManx/Emerald/Aer Arann1965116315-3336-17.0
    LONDON CITY FlyBe/Euromanx/VLM Airlines37165050133435.9
    LUTON BACitiExpress29704198122841.3
    MANCHESTER BACitiExpress/EuroManx854413934539063.1
    NEWCASTLE Eastern Airways543581387.0
    STANSTED Euromanx20900-2090-100.0
    GENERAL tonnes210174-36-17.1
    MAIL tonnes23023000.0
    including scheduled2358264128312.0


    "This was an all time record December, beating last December by 1.1%.

    The actual Christmas holiday period was slightly less busy than last year, although we will need to see the early January figures in order to make a proper comparison.

    The proportion of total passengers carried by each airline changed again to become: EuroManx 37.2%; BA CitiExpress 27.7%; Aer Arann 18.1%; Eastern 5.3%; FlyBe 5.2%; Loganair 2.7%; British NorthWest 1.8%; and VLM, AlphaOne and charter flights making up the remainder.


    Please see the separate news release regarding the Annual Passenger Figures for 2005, January to December.

    5th January 2006

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