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Financial Sanctions - Developments on Al-Qaida and the Taliban and the Ivory Coast 8 February 2006

    Notification of recent developments on -

    • Al-Qaida and the Taliban
    • Ivory Coast

    Al-Qaida and the Taliban

    On 20th December 2005 the United Nations Sanctions Committee added a further 5 individuals and 4 entities to the list of those subject to sanctions measures under Security Council Resolution 1390 (2002). These are –

    1. ABD'RABBAH,Ghuma 
     DOB: 02/09/1957
     POB:Benghazi, Libya
     a.k.a:(1) ABDRABBA, Ghoma
      (2) ABD'RABBAH
      (3) ABDURABBA, Ghunia
      (4) ABU JAMIL
     Nationality: British
     Address: Birmingham, United Kingdom.

    2. AL-FAQIH,,Abd, Al-Rahman
     DOB: 15/12/1959
     POB: Libya
     a.k.a:(1) ABU ABD AL RAHMAN
      (2) ABU KHALID
      (3) ABU MOHAMMED
      (4) ALBASHIR, Mohammed
      (5) AL-BASHIR, Muhammad
      (6) AL-FAQI, Bashir, Mohammed, Ibrahim
      (7) AL-KHATAB, Abd Al Rahman
      (8) ISMAIL, Mohammed
      (9) MAHMUD
      (10) MOHAMMED, Al-Basher
      (11) MUSTAF
     Address: Birmingham, United Kingdom.

    3. BENHAMMEDI,Mohammed 
     DOB: 22/09/1966
     a.k.a:(1) ABU AL QASSAM
      (2) ABU HAJIR
      (3) AL LIBI, Abu Hajir
      (4) BEN HAMMEDI
      (5) BEN HAMMEDI, Mohamed
      (6) BIN HAMMIDI, Muhammad, Muhammad
      (7) HANNADI, Mohamed
      (8) PANHAMMEDI
     Nationality: British
     Address: Midlands, United Kingdom

    4. KHALED, Abdulbaqi, Mohammed
     DOB: 18/08/1957
     POB:Tripoli, Libya
     a.k.a:(1) ABU KHAWLA
      (2) KHALED, Abul, Baki
      (3) KHALED, Abul, Baki, Mohammed
      (4) MOHAMMED, Abd', Al-Baki
     Nationality: British
     Address: Birmingham, United Kingdom.

    5. NASUF, Tahir  
     DOB: (1) 04/11/1961. (2) 11/04/1961
     POB:Tripoli, Libya
     a.k.a:(1) ABU RIDA
      (2) AL-QA'QA
      (3) EL LIBI, Abu Salima
      (4) NASOOF, Tahar
      (5) NASUF, Taher
      (6) NASUF, Tahir, Mustafa
     Address: Birmingham, United Kingdom.

     Address: 44 Upper Belgrave Road, Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS8 2XN Other Information: Registration number 05059698.
     Address: 88 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L7 4JQ Other Information: Registration number 05258730.
    a.k.a: (1) Al-Rahama Relief Foundation Limited
     (2) Sanabel L'il-Igatha
     (3) Sanabel Relief Agency
     (4) Sara
     (5) SRA
    Address:(1) 1011 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, United Kingdom, M9 2TB
     (2) 54 Anson Road, London, United Kingdom, NW2 6AD
     (3) 63 South Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B11 1EX
     (4) 98 Gresham Road, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
     (5) PO Box 50, Manchester, United Kingdom, M19 25P
    Other Information:
    Registration number 3713110.
    a.k.a:Sara Properties
    Address:(1) 104 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L7 4JQ
     (2) 2a Hartington Road, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L8 OSG
    Other Information:
    Registration number 4636613.



    Ivory Coast

    On 7th February 2006 the United Nations Sanctions Committee established under Security Council Resolution 1572 (2004) published its first list of persons that were to be subject to financial sanctions.

    Under the provisions of the European Communities (Côte D’ivoire Sanctions) (Freezing Of Funds Etc) (Application) Order 2006 these persons are to have any funds, financial assets and economic resources in the Island frozen and the details reported to the Sanctions Officer at Customs and Excise.

    Any person who, except under the authority of a licence granted by the Treasury, makes funds available to or for the benefit of any of these designated persons, or any person acting on their behalf, would be guilty of an offence.

    The list of persons published by the Sanctions Committee is as follows –

    1. BLÉ GOUDÉ,Charles 
     Passport Details:PD.AE/088 DH 12
     Other information: Leader of COJEP (Young Patriots).

    2. DJUÉ,Eugène, Ngoran, Kouadio 
     DOB:(1) 20/12/1969
      (2) 01/01/1966

    3. FOFIE,Martin, Kouakou 
     Other information: Chief Corporal New Force Commandant, Korhogo Sector.

    For further information please contact the Sanctions Officer

    8th February 2006

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