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Restrictions on Permitted Development 20 February 2006

    The Department of Local Government and the Environment has announced that it has made a Direction that some parts of the Permitted Development Order should not have effect in the area of The Meayll Peninsula around Cregneash or in the Calf of Man.

    In relation to the Meayll Peninsula, this Direction restores, in essence, the position which prevailed prior to the 1st November 2005, when the new planning legislation came into operation, and ensures that the Department is able to continue exercising appropriate controls over even minor developments within what is generally acknowledged to be one of the most sensitive areas of the Island. Indeed, it is anticipated that, when the Government establishes National Heritage Areas later this year, The Meayll Peninsula will be one of the first areas to be so designated.

    Commenting on the Direction, Minister for Local Government and the Environment, John Rimington, MHK, said,

    “It is generally recognised that our countryside is extremely fragile, and that even minor developments can have an impact out of proportion with their size. This is particularly true in a special area like The Meayll Peninsula. Having said that, I must stress that our countryside and our rural villages are, of course, places where people live and work, and the Department has no intention of preventing development altogether. Rather, it is a matter of ensuring that any such development is sensitively designed and sited to be in keeping with the special characteristics of the location. This Direction should help us to achieve that”.

    20th February 2006

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