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Draft Guidance on Behavioural Adjustments 1 March 2006

    On 10th May 2005, the Commission issued a consultation paper on the Banking (General Practice) Regulatory Code 2005, and the associated guidance notes and returns.

    Following the consultation process, and the introduction of maximum liquidity mismatch guidelines in time bands sight to 8 days and sight to 1 month, the Commission identified a requirement for more in depth guidance on the treatment of assets and liabilities, and on behavioural adjustments. To this end, Appendices I and II of “Liquidity Risk Management for Banks” have been substantially amended and, where necessary, expanded. These appendices will form part of the final guidance notes on liquidity that are due to be released at the end of March.

    Please submit any views or comments to John Mudge ( before the consultation closing date of 24th March 2006.

    Draft Guidance Notes on Behavioural Adjustments to Banks' Liquidity Positions

    1st March 2006

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