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Parents Urged to Get Children Vaccinated As a 13 Year Old Boy (In England) Dies Of Measles 5 April 2006

It has been reported that a 13 year old boy died of Measles in England. The boy did not receive childhood vaccines as recommended. There are also reports of outbreaks of Measles in the UK, especially in the Doncaster area. This is a direct consequence of a fall in the uptake of MMR vaccine. In some parts of the UK the coverage has dropped to 75 – 85%; to control the spread of Measles at least 95% of the children in the eligible age groups need to be vaccinated.

The drop in uptake of MMR has been the result of the scare created by the now discredited research linking MMR with bowel disease and autism. Subsequent research all over the world has shown that there is no link between MMR and autism.

Advice to Parents:

  1. If your child is not vaccinated, please arrange for vaccination immediately by contacting your doctor.
  2. MMR is safe and effective. There is no link between MMR and autism.
  3. There is no need to give single vaccines.
  4. If you are visiting the UK during Easter break please be aware that there are outbreaks of Measles. There is no reason to change your plans UNLESS your child is not vaccinated. If they are not vaccinated, then they can easily pick up this infection as Measles is highly infectious.
  5. Diseases like Measles are not “normal” childhood illnesses – 1 in 5000 children who get Measles die and Measles can also cause several serious complications.

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