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New Practice Notes 28 April 2006

The Financial Supervision Commission has issued 6 new Practice Notes:

Practice Note 6/2006 outlines the filing obligations on companies that claim the audit exemption in terms of Section 324B of the 1931 Companies Act.

Practice Note 7/2006 sets out the procedure for registering and maintaining a limited partnership as prescribed by the Partnership Act 1909.

Practice Note 8/2006 reminds companies about the risk of corporate identity theft. This is a fast growing area of commercial crime. The Companies Registry Internet search facility can help companies to keep track of any changes recorded against their company.

Practice Note 9/2006 to 11/2006. These practice notes sets out the procedure for registering and maintaining an LLC as prescribed by the Limited Liability Companies Act 1996.

Copies of all the Practice Note are available on the Commission's web site and from the Companies Registry at Finch Hill House.

Queries concerning this press release should be addressed to the Senior Manager or Managers in the Companies Registry.

Telephone: +44 (0)1624 689389
Facsimile: +44 (0)1624 689397

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