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‘Red Light Camera’ Trial Completed 25 September 2006

Red Light CameraThe Island’s first safety camera recorded 46 motorists failing to stop at a red light in its first 10 weeks. Since it came into operation at the Woodbourne Road/York Road traffic lights in Douglas on Tynwald Day, the ‘red light violation camera’ has logged 23 cars, 9 vans, 13 bicycles and 1 motorcycle (statistics are correct as of September 18, 2006).

While those road users are being traced by police to speak about the violations, motorists are being warned that from October 1 those caught on camera jumping the red light could face prosecution.

The junction is an accident hot spot and the Department of Transport’s decision to install the camera was applauded by schools and nurseries in the area. The red light camera detects vehicles that pass over sensors in the road after a traffic light has turned red. The sensors are connected to computers in high-speed cameras, which take three photographs of the violation.

Transport Minister Phil Braidwood MHK said:

"Statistics obtained over a three-year period to May 2006 highlighted the fact that Woodbourne Road was one of the department’s “top 30” accident hot spots. Woodbourne Road has a number of nurseries and schools within its vicinity and motorists were failing to stop for the red lights when the green pedestrian light was on, thus endangering the lives of children, other pedestrians and motorists alike. All the information of those motorists who failed to comply with the red light has been shared with the police, who have been tracing the drivers and speaking to them."

Sergeant John Kinrade said:

"The period of grace is now over and those caught by the camera could face prosecution. The camera has now been in place for 10 weeks and that has allowed us to check the equipment is working correctly and ensure motorists know the penalties."

He continued:

"But the trial period is now over and all drivers failing to comply with the red signal will be seriously considered for prosecution. Emergency vehicles will be exempt from prosecution if they are responding to an emergency and have flashing blue lights."

The Department of Transport’s second safety camera – a ‘watchman’ – positioned at Ballaugh Bridge will come into operation once final ducting work for the electricity supply is completed. Work is due to start on the ducting on 2nd October.

The watchman safety camera is an integrated package which combines speed sensitive message signs with a safety camera. While it will continually monitor traffic flow, transmitting images to the Road Safety Unit, the data will be used to help establish the reason for an increase in collisions at Ballaugh Bridge and will not be used as a ‘speed camera’ to enforce the speed limit.

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