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Motorists and pedestrians urged to take extra care this winter 3 November 2006

With the dark nights drawing in, motorists and pedestrians are being urged to be extra careful on the Island’s roads.

Motorists should check their lights are in working order – and make sure they use them at the right times. Pedestrians, particularly children, should remember the ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ slogan and ensure they are dressed appropriately. That means wearing reflective clothing in the dark, but also bright or fluorescent clothing during the day.

Road Safety Manager Gordon Edwards explains:

‘With the clocks going back last weekend and children returning to school next week after the half-term, the Road Safety Unit is asking motorists and pedestrians to take that extra bit of care, particularly in the evenings when it is now getting dark as schools are finishing for the day.'
‘Parents should ensure that children are dressed appropriately, which helps motorists see them when they are on the pavement or crossing the road.’

Be Safe Be Seen – Top Tips

  • Make sure you can be easily seen, especially at night, on dark days and in bad weather.
  • Bright or fluorescent clothes show up best by day, even in dull or misty weather.
  • In the dark, reflective material is best and shows up in car headlights – remember fluorescent clothing doesn’t work after dark. You can put reflective tape on your coat or school bag to help you be seen by drivers.
  • Cross the road at the safest place possible e.g. zebra, pelican and patrolled crossings. Remember to use the Green Cross Code: Stop, Look, Listen, Live.
  • If you’re out at night, choose routes that are well-lit by streetlights and cross the road at well-lit places.
  • If there is no pavement and you have to walk on the road, always face the oncoming traffic – this is particularly important in poor light or in the dark.
  • Find out about ‘walking buses’ where children walk in groups and are more visible by contacting the Road Safety Unit on 686671.

For further information on how children can stay safe on the roads, visit www.gov.im/highways/roadsafety

Mr Edwards adds:

‘For their part, it is important that motorists use their lights when and where they are needed, for example at dusk, dawn, in bad weather and on gloomy days. There are too many motorists driving on the Island’s roads who are failing to switch their lights on, and this makes it harder for other motorists – and pedestrians – to see you.’

The Manx Highway Code states:

You MUST use headlights or front fog lights when visibility is seriously reduced, generally when you cannot see for more than 100 metres (328 feet). (Rule 131).
Even where there is street lighting, drivers should always use their headlights – whenever possible on full beam. They should only use dipped beam in built-up areas and to avoid dazzling other road users; there's no point in limiting the range of your lights unnecessarily.

Mr Edwards says:

‘Motorists should remember to watch carefully for pedestrians, cyclists and motoryclists – especially those who are not wearing bright clothing or do not have lights.'
‘They should also remember to switch fog lights off, especially rear ones, when visibility improves, as keeping them on unnecessarily can be dangerous as it causes unwanted glare for the driver behind you.'
‘And keep your headlights clean, as dirt reduces the light output and spoils the focus.’

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