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European Communities (Terrorism Measures) Order 2002 29 December 2006


The following are added to the list of those subject to restrictions under Council Regulation (EC) No. 2580/2001 and the European Communities (Terrorism Measures) Order 2002 with effect from 28th December 2006 -


1. AKNIKH, Ismail (a.k.a. SUHAIB; a.k.a. SOHAIB)

Born 22.10.1982 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Passport (The Netherlands) No. NB0322935.

(Member of the 'Hofstadgroep')

2. AOURAGHE, Zine Labidine (a.k.a. Halifi Laarbi MOHAMED; a.k.a. Abed; a.k.a. Abid; a.k.a. Abu ISMAIL).

Born 18.7.1978 in Nador (Morocco).

Passport (Spain) No. ESPP278036

(Member of the 'Hofstadgroep')

3. BOUGHABA, Mohamed Fahmi (a.k.a. Mohammed Fahmi BOURABA; a.k.a. Mohammed Fahmi BURADA;

a.k.a. Abu MOSAB).

Born 6.12.1981 in Al Hoceima (Morocco)

(Member of the 'Hofstadgroep')

4. BOUYERI, Mohammed (a.k.a. Abu ZUBAIR; a.k.a. SOBIAR; a.k.a. Abu ZOUBAIR).

Born 8.3.1978 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

(Member of the 'Hofstadgroep')

5. EL FATMI, Nouredine (a.k.a. Nouriddin EL FATMI; a.k.a. Nouriddine EL FATMI, a.k.a. Noureddine EL FATMI, a.k.a. Abu AL KA'E KA'E; a.k.a. Abu QAE QAE; a.k.a. FOUAD; a.k.a. FZAD; a.k.a. Nabil EL FATMI; a.k.a. Ben Mohammed; a.k.a. Ben Mohand BEN LARBI; a.k.a. Ben Driss Muhand IBN LARBI; a.k.a. Abu TAHAR; a.k.a. EGGIE).

Born 15.8.1982 in Midar (Morocco)

Passport (Morocco) No. N829139

(Member of the 'Hofstadgroep')

6. EL MORABIT, Mohamed.

Born 24.1.1981 in Al Hoceima (Morocco).

Passport (Morocco) No. K789742

(Member of the 'Hofstadgroep')

7. ETTOUMI, Youssef (a.k.a. Youssef TOUMI).

Born 20.10.1977 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

ID-card (The Netherlands) No. LB4576246

(Member of the 'Hofstadgroep')

8. HAMDI, Ahmed (a.k.a. Abu IBRAHIM).

Born 5.9.1978 in Beni Said (Morocco).

Passport (Morocco) No. K728658

(Member of the 'Hofstadgroep')

9. WALTERS, Jason Theodore James (a.k.a. Abdullah; a.k.a. David).

Born 6.3.1985 in Amersfoort (The Netherlands)

Passport (The Netherlands) No. NE8146378

(Member of the 'Hofstadgroep')


1. Hofstadgroep

2. TAK - Teyrbazen Azadiya Kurdistan, a.k.a. Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, Kurdistan Freedom Hawks

For further information contact: The Sanctions Officer

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