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Department of Transport announces next phase of the north quay enhancement scheme, Douglas 9 February 2007

Construction work on the next phase of the North Quay enhancement scheme will commence on Monday 19th March and is scheduled to be completed by early November.

This phase will cover the area from Quine’s Corner to Ridgeway Street and will involve the construction of a widened footway adjacent to the businesses, a three-metre wide one-way vehicle route, a three-metre wide pedestrian/cycle way and a 1.5-metre wide safe working area for boat and craft owners adjacent to the quay wall, separated by the illuminated railings as used in the first section of the scheme from Bridge Road to Quine’s Corner. There will also be designated unloading areas and wide pedestrian areas incorporating public art features.

During the period from March 5th while the parking spaces are rearranged, and from the start of the construction on March 19th, there will be some disruption and inconvenience for businesses, local residents, motorists and pedestrians using the North Quay area, for which the Department apologises but will endeavour to keep to a minimum.

The major points to note:

  • The section of North Quay from Queen Street to Quine’s Corner will be temporarily closed to traffic during the works, and the temporary parking arrangements on this section will be permanently removed.
  • A permanent one-way Traffic Order will be implemented on North Quay from the junction with Ridgeway Street to Parade Street, allowing for additional temporary parking to be implemented along this section.
  • Vehicular access will be maintained for deliveries to all businesses and to St Matthew’s Church.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained through the area, albeit on temporary footways.
  • On completion of this phase of the scheme, a permanent one-way Traffic Order will be implemented on the North Quay from Ridgeway Street to Quine’s Corner.

The Department’s Schemes Manager Jim Davidson said:

‘The finished layout will be a shared surface for all users, so there will be no raised kerbs, and will provide a high quality amenity area, with the emphasis on pedestrians and cyclists.
‘It will remove through traffic but will permit vehicular access to all parts of the quay. It will incorporate features such as horizontal deflections, table-top ramps, street furniture and public art so motorists will be encouraged to drive slowly through the pedestrian-friendly area.
‘The wide, paved surfaces will use a variety of quality natural materials and coloured surface treatments and the finished layout will continue the theme of the already completed section from Banks Hill to Quine’s Corner.’

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