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Financial Sanctions - Democratic Republic of the Congo (United Nations Sanctions) (Isle of Man) Order 2005 27 February 2007

This news release is issued in respect of amended entries for four individuals subject to financial measures taken against the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Treasury advises that on 27 February 2007 the United Nations Sanctions Committee established pursuant to Resolution 1533 (2004) modified four existing entries on the UN List maintained under Resolution 1596 (2005). The individuals whose identifying information has been amended continue, along with all other individuals and entities appearing on the UN List, to fall within the financial sanctions regime under the Democratic Republic of the Congo (United Nations Sanctions) (Isle of Man) Order 2005.


MANDRO, Khawa Panga


  1. Kawa Panga
  2. Kawa Panga Mandro
  3. Kawa Mandro
  4. Yves Andoul Karim
  5. Chief Kahwa
  6. Kawa
  7. Mandro Panga Kahwa
  8. Yves Khawa Panga Mandro

DOB: 20 August 1973

POB: Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo

Nationality: Congolese

Other Information: Ex-President of PUSIC. In prison in Bunia since April 2005

MPAMO, Iruta Douglas


  1. Mpano
  2. Douglas Iruta Mpamo

Address: Bld Kanyamuhanga 52, Goma, DRC


  1. 28 December 1965
  2. 29 December 1965


  1. Bashali, Masisi (refers to date of birth (1))
  2. Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) (refers to date of birth (2))

Nationality: Congolese

Other Information: Owner/Manager of the Compagnie Aérienne des Grands Lacs and of Great Lakes Business Company


a.k.a.: Ignace

DOB: 14 May 1963


  1. Butera, Rwanda
  2. Ngoma, Butare, Rwanda

Nationality: Rwandan

Other Information: President of FDLR. Resident in Germany

NKUNDA, Laurent


  1. Laurent Nkunda Bwatare
  2. Laurent Nkundabatware
  3. Laurent Nkunda Mahoro Batware
  4. Laurent Nkunda Batware
  5. General Nkunda


  1. 6 February 1967
  2. 2 February 1967

POB: North Kivu/Rutshuru, Democratic Republic of Congo (refers to date of birth (1))

Nationality: Congolese

Other Information: Former RCD-G General. Founder, National Congress for the People's Defense, 2006; Senior Officer, Rally for Congolese Democracy-Goma (RCD-G), 1998-2006; Officer Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), 1992-1998. Currently unlocated. Sightings in Rwanda and Goma.

Further details of the sanctions regimes related to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and links to the consolidated list of individuals and entities subject to these sanctions may be found on the Customs and Excise pages of the Isle of Man Government website.

Further information may be obtained from the Sanctions Officer.

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