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Alleged Dumping Of Bread 27 April 2007

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading (OFT) was asked by the Minster of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to consider allegations made that bread from the United Kingdom was being dumped on the Island.

Dumping is the practice of exporting a product at a price below its normal value to the detriment of the domestic industry. The restriction of this practice is covered by an agreement made under the World Trade Organisation.

The OFT has looked into this matter. The reduced price of bread offered in a local supermarket was part of a special offer that was available to customers on the Isle of Man and in the United Kingdom at the same rates at the same times. That offer has now finished. The OFT has concluded that a limited duration special offer that applies in both the exporting and importing country is not dumping.

The Board of the Office of Fair Trading has not been tasked by the Council of Ministers with undertaking an investigation in to bread prices on the Isle of Man. The Board is aware that it has an obligation not only to ensure that trading is fair but also to promote the best interests of the consumer.

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