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Run up to the 25th Anniversary of the Small Woods Scheme sees almost 10,000 trees planted in one year 15 June 2007

In 1983 the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry introduced the grant aided Amenity Tree Planting and Small Woods Scheme as a means of promoting broadleaved tree planting in the community. Since its inception the scheme has proved to be popular with hundreds of planting projects being undertaken jointly with the Department, and hundreds of thousands of trees being planted during the life of the Scheme.

Member for Forestry, Brenda Cannell, MHK said “With approximately 10,000 trees planted in this last year alone, this Scheme is clearly well received on the Island. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of what is being offered by the Department here. The benefits for the environment as a whole are immense”.

The Small Woods Scheme resulted from the realisation that there were many individual land owners and groups who, given financial assistance, encouragement and professional guidance were willing to undertake planting on their properties. Participants have covered a wide range from those with relatively large estates to others with just sufficient room to plant the minimum requirement of fifty trees.

If you or your organisation have a site, or sites, which may be suitable and you would like to consider a tree planting scheme please contact the Forestry Division by telephoning 801263, a leaflet explaining the Small Woods Scheme will be sent to you.

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