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Minister thanks farmers and staff following TT Centenary 18 June 2007

Agriculture Minister Phil Gawne has today thanked both farmers and staff of the Department following their efforts to keep the Island tidy over the TT Centenary. The Minister had asked farmers to pass a critical eye over their farms in the lead up to this year’s event.

“I asked all of the Island’s farmers to go the extra mile this year in preparing for the TT visitors” said Mr Gawne. “I knew it was an extremely busy time for farmers so I wish to extend my thanks for their efforts in tidying up the farms around the course and allowing access to the great number of visitors on to their land in order that they could watch the racing.”

“My thanks too go out to Department staff who put in the additional hours to supply litter bins at various points around the course on Department land. I would certainly say that the efforts made were not wasted with our beautiful countryside looking its best in such fine weather.”

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