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Public must not swim, jump or dive around the Island's harbour structures 2 August 2007

The Department of Transport is keen to remind members of the public that swimming, jumping and diving off our around any of the Island’s harbours is not only very dangerous, but in fact, prohibited.

The Harbour structures, cliffs and rocks around the Island’s coastline can present many dangers, and the Chief Coastguard offers the following advice:

  • It is often very difficult to be certain about the depth of water and young people have been injured after diving or jumping into shallow water
  • There are many unseen underwater hazards can cause injury
  • Boats leaving and entering port may not see a child in the water
  • Sea water, however shallow, is much colder than a swimming pool and could cause an effect known as ‘cold shock’, which can be very dangerous
  • Harbours and Ports are ‘working areas’, therefore the water quality might at times be hazardous to your health

Harbours staff and Coastguard Officers will give warnings to young people who are found to be swimming, diving or jumping off or around any harbour structure.

Captain Michael Brew, Director of Harbours comments,

“Our Harbours are very busy areas that are totally unsuitable for bathing. However they might appear to be an obvious place to cool down or play to children who are too young to know better and this is why we are appealing to parents to explain the dangers and keep them away. The Island has many designated areas for bathing and further information is readily available from Harbour Offices and Coastguard Officers.”

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