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Good News for MEA Pre-Payments Meter Customers 10 August 2007

There is good news today for around 5,000 customers of the Manx Electricity Authority who pay for their electricity through pre-payment meters.

From September 1 this year the MEA will be rebating their standing charge in full – a saving for such customers of £17.99 a year or about £1.50 a month.

The move means that for an average pre-payment customer (3,300 units per annum) the net effect of the Authority’s recently announced tariff rises will now only be an increase in September of around 70 pence a month.

Pre-payment customers will now be treated the same as other domestic customers in having their standing charge rebated in full.

MEA chairman Eddie Teare MHK explained:

“The higher standing charge applying to pre-payment meters – 16.44 pence a day compared to 11.51 pence a day for credit customers – reflects the higher cost of installing and supporting these meters.
“But pre-payment customers are often the least able to afford a premium for their electricity, and it is only fair that they are treated equally with other domestic customers when it comes to rebating the standing charge.
” Mr Teare concluded: “While we have made good progress in improving the MEA’s finances we are still making a loss and have no alternative but to follow the tariff increases set out in the rescue package approved by Tynwald in July 2005. We will, however, ensure that those most in need do not accept an unfair burden of the costs. For this year, at least, we have been able to alleviate the effect of the tariff increase for our most vulnerable customers”.

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