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Internet Auctions - Do you know your rights? 19 November 2007

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading has just released a new leaflet advising buyers of their rights when purchasing from internet auction sites.

This new publication gives a wide range of advice on issues such as cancellation rights, ensuring a seller’s reputation is checked and what to do if things go wrong with your purchase.

The usage of internet auction sites is becoming increasingly popular in society today and the variety of goods available to purchase online is wide-ranging. An increasing number of the enquiries that the Office receives relate to internet purchases, including those from auction sites. Many questions relate to queries over how to obtain a refund or what to do if the goods you have ordered don’t arrive.

Quintin Gill MHK, Chairman of the Office says “With the increasing use of internet auctions by more and more people the Office of Fair Trading is receiving an increasing number of enquiries from those who are experiencing problems with their transactions. This new leaflet provides prospective buyers with information on their rights and the important factors which should be considered prior to taking part in an internet auction transaction. The leaflet also contains hints and tips on what checks you should make prior to committing yourself to a purchase.”

Copies of the leaflet are available from the Office in Lord Street, Douglas tel. 686500 or from the Office’s website More information on buying through internet auctions can be found on the Office’s website at

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