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Tynwald Sitting - 11th December 2007 11 December 2007

Written Question 22

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Question NumberSubjectQuestion from
Written 22Overtime at Noble'sMr Karran, MHK

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Written Question 22

For Written Answer:The Hon Member for Onchan (Mr Karran) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Security –

In each of the last six months how much overtime has been worked by the administration at Noble’s Hospital?


Thank you for your question regarding how much overtime has been worked by the Administration at Noble’s Hospital.

I have detailed below the hours split into both additional hours, for those who work part time and also overtime for those who work full time.

The ‘Administration’ at Noble’s Hospital covers all Civil Servants in post. Those in the Senior Management Team at Noble’s will have worked many hours, however, as they do not receive any pay for the hours worked they are therefore not recorded.

Additional Hours

Sum of Hours 
2007 Total1739.08
Grand Total1739.08


Sum of Hours 
2007 Total3212.2
Grand Total3212.2

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