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The Gambling Appeals Tribunal 6 January 2008

The Appointments Commission* is seeking applications from individuals who have a regulatory/compliance background within a professional field for appointment to the panel of the Gambling Appeals Tribunal ("the Tribunal"). Applications are invited from people who are interested in being appointed as Chairman of the Gambling Appeals Tribunal or as a member of the panel from which the lay members of the Tribunal are drawn. Previous experience of the gambling industry is not essential.

The gaming sector is an important part of the Island's econony and, as such, requires a proper regulatory framework of which the Tribunal forms an important part.

What is the Gambling Appeals Tribunal?

The Tribunal consists of a chairman who must be legally qualified (i.e. a barrister, advocate or solicitor of not less than 7 years' standing) and two other members who are drawn from a panel of suitable members.

What does the Gambling Appeals Tribunal do?

The Tribunal is constituted under Part 2 of the Gambling (Amendment) Act 2006.

The Gambling Appeals Tribunal considers appeals against decisions of the Gambling Supervision Commission ("the Commission") involving -

  • Occasions where the Commission has refused an application for a licence or permit which the Commission has the authority to grant;
  • Appeals against any conditions which have been attached to the granting of a licence or permit by the Commission;
  • Variations made by the Commission to any licence or permit, or its conditions, which has already been enacted;
  • The cancellation of a licence or permit by the Commission.

Who is the Appointments Commission looking for?

The Appointments Commission is seeking applications from individuals who have the ability to interpret regulations and who have a compliance or regulatory background within a professional field. In addition, applicants for the role of Chairman of the Tribunal must be an advocate, barrister or solicitor of not less than 7 years' standing.

How do I apply?

An information pack and further information about the functions of the Tribunal are available from the Secretary to the Appointments Commission, c/o Government Office, Bucks Road, Douglas. (Tel: 686266, Email:

If you are interested in applying you should contact the Secretary to the Appointments Commission to request an application form. Completed application forms should reach the Secretary by 31st January 2008. Late applications may be accepted by the Appointments Commission only at its discretion.


* The Appointments Commission is an independent body established under the Tribunals Act 2006 and appointed by the Council of Ministers. The Commission makes appointments to panels of all statutory appeals tribunals and other bodies covered by the Tribunals Act 2006.

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