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Young thespians brush up their Shakespeare 1 February 2008

Theatre Specialist Estelle Buckridge, from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, spent a weekend with the Manx National Youth Shakespeare Society in preparation for their participation in the Youth Shakespeare Festival in Liverpool in March.

The Festival is part of the Liverpool City of Culture 08 celebrations.

Estelle, a specialist in direction and interpretation of Shakespeare, carried out a series of workshops with the group that were designed to improve their interpretation of The Merchant of Venice. She worked on staging, phrasing, characterization and related themes.

Dan Palmer, a member of the organising committee for MNYSS, said:Shakespeare workshop

'The impact of Estelle’s direction was phenomenal and brought the group's overall performance to a new level. We are using a script that has been adapted specially for the Festival by Tom Stoppard and it lends itself very well to interpretation.'

Fellow member Dee Mairs said:

'The group's foremost priority when first taking on the project was to weave Manx themes into our interpretation to highlight our heritage and show that people are the same all over the world. As a result, we have transported the setting from Venice and it’s carnival to Tynwald Fair Day on the Isle of Man. It works incredibly well and we have enjoyed learning Manx dancing, music and songs.'

Estelle Buckridge said:

'It was a great experience working with some of the members of MNYSS, I was really overwhelmed by the amount and quality of the work they have done prior to my arrival. They are far beyond the targets set by The Festival and I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet and work with such a dedicated and professional group of young actors.'

The performance takes place on March 17th at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and sponsorship for the event is desperately needed. For further Information please contact Dan Palmer on 426691.

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