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Declaration of Cash by Persons Entering or Leaving the Island 13 May 2008

The European Communities (Cash Controls) (Application) Order 2008 and Cash Controls (Penalties) Regulations 2008

On 1 June 2008 these two pieces of legislation come into operation. From that date anyone entering or leaving the Isle of Man who has with them "cash" to a value of €10,000 (approximately £7,700) or more will be obliged to make a declaration to Customs and Excise.

The term "cash" includes -

  • currency in any denomination,
  • bearer-negotiable instruments (such as travellers' cheques),
  • negotiable instruments (such as money orders, cheques and promissory notes) that are either in bearer form, endorsed without restriction, made out to a fictitious payee or otherwise in a form that title passes upon delivery, and
  • incomplete negotiable instruments (that are signed, but with the payee's name omitted).

Declarations must be made in writing on forms available on the Customs and Excise website or from Custom House, North Quay, Douglas.

Declarations may be submitted by post or electronically - but must be sent so as to arrive with Customs and Excise at least 24 hours before your intended departure.

Declarations may otherwise be made by depositing a copy of the relevant form in drop boxes located at the Sea Terminal and the Airport.

A copy of Notice 9011 is attached to this news release. This Notice includes a copy of the necessary Form 9011 MAN. Further copies may be obtained from Customs and Excise at Custom House or on its website.

You should note that similar legislation already exists in the UK and Ireland, and anyone carrying cash of €10,000 or more would be obliged to make a declaration to the customs authorities when travelling to or from the Isle of Man. These declarations are in addition to any declaration required in the Isle of Man.

For further information, please contact Ray Todd at the Customs and Excise Division on (01624) 648138.

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