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Friends of Chernobyl's Children Tree Planting 1 September 2008

On 5th August, the Forestry Division hosted a tree planting for the Friends of Chernobyl's Children at South Barrule Plantation.

The tree planting has become an annual event and this year 18 children from the Belarus city of Mogilev attended during their month-long stay on the Island. Normally trees are planted by each of the children who are making their last organised trip to the Island, but this year it was not to be the last visit for any of the children. With the children's help, Aspen trees were planted by the families of Friends' committee members Brian Jones and John Banks who had recently passed away. Two trees were also planted by the interpreters.

Brenda Cannell MHK, Chairman of the Forestry Division unveiled a plaque to mark the site of the tree planting which has been held each year since 2003. She handed out coveted Tynwald-embossed pencil cases to the children.

Mrs Cannell said: ‘The staff of the Forestry Division are very pleased to be able to be involved with this event during the children's visit each year and despite a very rainy Manx mid-summer morning all the trees were successfully planted. We are looking forward to seeing the children again next year.’

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