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College students get full marks for customer service 15 October 2008

First-year Office Administration students at the Isle of Man College organised a number of customer service activities during National Customer Service Week, which ran from 6-12 October.

The students sold cakes, sweets and non-alcoholic cocktails to fellow students at the College, visitors and staff, to raise customer service awareness and money for their charity of the year. College students

The students visited a number of local organisations to observe good customer service in operation, among them Barclays Bank, the Manx Electricity Authority, Manx Telecom, the Sefton Group and Sleepwell Hotels.

Ros Whalley, programme manager for office administration at the Isle of Man College, said:

'Most of the students had only left school this summer and this was their first experience of working life. They really appreciated the opportunity to see, at first hand, what it is like to work in the busy call centre of Barclays Bank, or to work in a hotel reception area at the Sefton or Claremont hotels.'

She said:

'At the Manx Electricity Authority the students were able to spend time individually with members of the customer service team and, even had an opportunity to discuss customer service practice with the Chief Executive, Mr Ashton Lewis. At Manx Telecom the students were given an overview of the types of queries that the customer service team deals with, the targets they have to meet and the quality monitoring they carry out.'

Students from Ballakermeen, who are studying on the business/retail ‘taster’ course, also took part in sales activities during the week, producing and selling customer service quizzes, balloons and sweets.

The visits were seen as very valuable and, if any other local companies are interested in providing an opportunity for the students to visit their company, please contact Mrs Whalley on 648261.

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