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Department offers winter firewood 21 November 2008

In these times of ever increasing fuel prices the Department is pleased to be able to offer some respite through the sale of firewood from the Sawmill.

Firewood has never been a core product from the Sawmill. As with any sawmilling operation, the aim is to produce a range of quality products from the Island’s plantations. The plantations themselves represent a valuable asset to the Island and, as such, the Department is keen to ensure that, when felled, they offer maximum benefits to the community and are sensitively managed post-harvesting.

Recent developments at the Sawmill in the light of the above, have meant that the efficiency of cutting operations has increased, which has resulted in less waste timber for firewood products being available. The Mill has also been focused on producing fence-posts to meet the demand of the Island’s farmers recently which, again, results in reduced production of firewood.

Whilst some firewood products may not be available at present, notably bundles of slabwood and “tips and butts,” the Department is keen to assure people that they do not need to be cold this winter as there are other firewood products available which are likely to be much easier to handle. Brenda Cannell, MHK, Member for Forestry, commented: ‘If your normal preferred product is unavailable, please ask the staff for alternatives. We even have some bags of points and off-cuts on special offer at the moment.

‘It was heartening to meet with representatives of Age Concern recently and hear their positive comments around the pricing of firewood and their willingness to promote the Sawmill as an affordable source of fuel is welcomed. The Department has endeavoured to maintain low prices across all firewood products.’

Some firewood products are available as low as £3.65 per 40ltr bag inclusive of V.A.T.

If you have any queries on any product from the Sawmill then please call 695720 or call in at the Sawmill, Hope Road, St. John’s.

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