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Pit Bull Terrier 1 December 2008

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has today confirmed that an illegal pit bull terrier type dog has been humanely destroyed under the powers contained in section 2 (5) (b) of the Wild Animals (Restriction on Importation) Act 1980, as amended.

The dog (known as “Champ”) had been imported to the Island from Northern Ireland in contravention of the Wild Animals Act, and was taken into the custody of the Department on 2nd June 2008 after the dog was advertised as needing a new home.

Since June the Department explored a number of options for the dog’s future, including re-housing in the Republic of Ireland where it is legal to possess such a dog, but was unable to identify an appropriate long-term home.

In the circumstances, the Department concluded that the most appropriate action to take, in accordance with the law of the Isle of Man, was to arrange for its humane destruction.

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