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Crime Night with Professor David Wilson, Noel Smith & Erwin James 11 January 2013

crime night

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Think Cracker; think offender profiling; think the real CSI..

Spend an evening with two men who between them have served over fifty years in prison for serious violent crime and meet one man who's seeking answers.

Professor David Wilson is the country's leading criminologist and an expert on murder and serial killings. His books and TV series, including Banged Up and Serial Killers Behind Bars, give benchmark insights into the minds of those who present the greatest danger to society. Chances are when a particularly heinous murder is baffling the police it will be Professor Wilson who is asked to help and advise.

Noel "Razor" Smith

Noel “Razor” Smith is a reformed serial armed bank robber who served a total of 33 years inside some of the UK’s most secure prisons. Unable to read or write when he entered prison, self-taught Smith, once labelled “Public Enemy Number One” by the police found redemption through writing. His best selling autobiography A Few Kind Words and a Loaded Gun charts how and why he turned his life around, and its sequel A Rusty Gun explains how therapy enabled him to come to terms with his past and make the changes he had to make to finally live a crime free life among civilised society.

Erwin James

Erwin James is an acclaimed Guardian columnist and author who served twenty years of a life sentence in prison for murder. Following a childhood described as “brutal and rootless” by a prison psychologist following the death of his mother when he was 7 his dysfunctional life journey eventually led him to the Number 1 Court at the Old Bailey facing two murder charges. James entered prison an ill-educated, inarticulate brute, only to emerge twenty years later an arts graduate with a successful professional writing career, whose two books on prison life A Life Inside and The Home Stretch have become classics of the genre.

Your evening will be guided by Professor Wilson, posing probing and challenging questions. What causes crime? Are there some people who are just born bad? Is rehabilitation an insult to victims? He will also field questions from the audience.

Booking Information

Thu 19 Sep
Tickets £15 (Stalls only)
Doors 7pm, Starts 7.30pm

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