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Tynwald Approval Sought For Increases to Planning Application and Search Fees 13 March 2013

The Department of Infrastructure will this month seek Tynwald approval for increases to Planning Application fees and the charges for searches carried out by its Planning and Building Control Division.

If supported, the fees for Planning Applications would rise by 3%, rounded up to the nearest £5. For example, this would see the fee for an Application for Approval in Principle (other than those requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment) rise from £130 to £135, and the fee for an Application for Change of Use of a building or land increase from £230 to £240.

If supported by Tynwald, the increases will come into effect from 1st April 2013.

In addition the Department has already agreed that the Planning and Building Control search fees paid by prospective property purchasers will increase on 1st April 2013 to:

• Planning search - £80 (with enhanced fees of £90 for wider searches and £100 for the respective management of information)

• Building Control search - £80

• Planning & Building Control Letters of Comfort – £80

Member with responsibility for Planning & Building Control Howard Quayle MHK said: ‘The increases are relatively small, and have been set to keep the fees in line with inflation. The additional income would assist the Department in continuing to recover a consistent percentage of the costs incurred in delivering the service we provide, and enable us to continue to maintain the standards of that service.’

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