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Work on West Baldwin Reservoir 14 August 2003

The Water Authority has lowered the level of West Baldwin Reservoir by 15 metres in order to carry out the construction of a new inlet cascade on the eastern side of the reservoir. Much of the water has been drawn down into supply. The construction activities have been phased in such a way that if necessary, for example in the event of prolonged dry weather, refilling could be started with the minimum effort by pumping over from Sulby Reservoir.

Water is brought from the East Baldwin Intake into West Baldwin Reservoir to augment supplies. The pipework bringing water into the reservoir has been extended along the eastern side of the reservoir to avoid soil erosion and a new concrete structure (a cascade) is to be constructed to direct the flow into the reservoir. As the cascade needs to extend below the current water level it is necessary to lower the level within the reservoir to allow the construction work to be completed.

The project is expected to take three to four months to complete depending on weather conditions and at that stage the reservoir will be allowed to return to its expected levels.

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