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Unofficial Data Protection Mailings 24 September 2003

Island businesses are being warned by the Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading to be wary of correspondence received from companies claiming that the business has not registered under data protection legislation. One business has already contacted the Office about a letter it has received and there may well be others.

The letter, which originates in the UK, demands immediate action by the company to ensure registration and the payment of a fee (95 in this case). It is written in a very forceful way and uses terminology such as "failure to comply constitutes a criminal offence" and "legally enforceable".

The Island has its own Data Protection Supervisor who is responsible for the operation of the Isle of Man Data Protection Act 2002. Any correspondence relating to the Isle of Man will be issued by the Supervisor or his staff from PO Box 69, Douglas Isle of Man IM99 1EQ. Letters faxes or e-mails emanating from any other address should be ignored.

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