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Reservoir Update 22 October 2003

The Chief Executive, Patrick Heaton-Armstrong commented,

"The supply situation continues to be precariously balanced but stable and, provided customers do not waste water, should remain that way. The forecast of some localised showers will do little to replenish the reservoirs because the catchment areas are so dry. We will continue review the situation on a daily basis."

So far this month there has been 41 mm of rain at West Baldwin, which is 23% of the long term average of 174mm for the month. The weather forecast for this week suggests there will be some localised showers but there is little prospect of substantial rain which will fill the reservoirs. The situation looks set to continue for another week. In total so far this year the amount of rain at West Baldwin is 484 mm short of the long term average which is only 61% of the long term average. With relatively little rainfall the reservoirs have remained static, the contents are:

  • West Baldwin, 42% full, 31 days supply, the water level has come up by 490mm in a week
  • Ballure, 72% full, 28 days supply, a slight drop in the water level
  • Clypse, 9% full, not taking water, no change
  • Kerrowdhoo, 15% full, not taking water as it still smells terribly, but a rise of 600 mm in water level due to input from Clypse Reservoir
  • Cringle, 12% full, not taking water, the water level has come up by 600mm
  • Sulby, 73% full, over one year's supply, the water level has dropped by 330mm during last week

Ballagawne Water Treatment Works is still out of commission due to lack of water.

The whole of the supply for the south of the Island is still being derived, in equal proportions, from Sulby Water Treatment Works (via the West Coast Trunk Main and St Johns Pumping Station) and Glencrutchery Water Treatment Works via the Braaid Service Reservoir.

The level of West Baldwin continues to be maintained by constant pumping over the hill at Beinn-y-Phott from Sulby Reservoir. The pumps at Sulby Dam have been running since the beginning of September and are delivering about 13 million litres per day (the maximum rate at which it can be pumped).

Water consumption remains stable, thanks to the public for their efforts to conserve supplies. A total ban on the use of hosepipes came into force on 9th October and a number of people using hosepipes have been warned. A second occasion will result in the Authority seeking to prosecute any offenders. Successful prosecution may result in a fine of up to £1,000.

The Authority has made a 50% reduction in compensation water being discharged from West Baldwin Reservoir, down from 200,000 gallons per day to 100,000 gallons per day.

The systematic programme of flushing water from hydrants around the Island to remove discolouration deposits has ceased in order to conserve stocks of water. As a consequence there is a steady stream of complaints each day about discoloured water.

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