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Mobile Phone Insurance Scam 22 October 2003

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading and Manx Telecom are advising telephone users of the need to be wary when giving out their bank details to callers offering free insurance on mobile phones.

Manx Telecom has recently been contacted by a number of consumers who have complained that a company has called them using information that Manx Telecom has supplied. The callers claim that when Manx Telecom sold the consumers a mobile phone it made a mistake by not including free insurance or that the free insurance provided with the phone had run out and needed to be renewed. To do this the callers asked for the consumers bank details.

A spokesperson for Manx Telecom said "We have not supplied any information to this company nor do we have any knowledge of it. We would advise anyone contacted in this way not to respond to the call. We understand that some of the consumers who have been contacted do not even have a mobile phone, others do but it may not have been recently purchased."

The Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading, Mr John Houghton MHK speaking of his concern over such contacts said "This Office always advises consumers who are contacted in this way not to disclose financial details such as your account number, PIN number (Personal Identification Number) or other account or credit card details without being absolutely sure that the call is legitimate. Report immediately any suspicious requests for financial details or any unrecognised payment on your account statement to a branch of your bank, building society or credit card company and ask them to investigate".

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