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Complaints Against Chief Constable 22 December 2003

The Department of Home Affairs received a number of complaints from serving officers against the Chief Constable at the end of October 2003.

The Department has been and is still of the view that complaints by police officers against other police officers, whether this is the Chief Constable or any other officer, should be dealt with under the relevant Police Regulations and should not be aired in public. However, as this matter has been brought into the public domain by representatives of the complainants the Department is of the view that the progress that has been made to investigate the complaints should also be made known to provide a fair balance to the publicity on this matter.

In this connection the Department takes very seriously complaints against the Chief Constable and is firmly committed to progressing the investigation of these complaints as a matter of urgency. However the Department is equally committed to ensuring that the process for investigating these complaints is conducted on a completely independent basis.

In regard to progressing the complaints to the Department’s knowledge this is the first instance that the Department has been faced with formal complaints against the Chief Constable by serving officers and, therefore, the Department is breaking new ground in identifying the processes and procedures for resolving such matters.

Therefore in order to ensure the investigations are conducted on a fair and equitable basis the Department has been in discussions with both the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and Her Majesties Inspectors of Constabulary (HMIC) in order to seek advice on the process under which an independent investigation can be organised and the protocols for involving a Force from the United Kingdom.

The Department would have preferred to have progressed this important matter more quickly but it is never easy for the HMIC to quickly identify Chief Constables who are appropriate, willing and who can make themselves available to conduct such important enquires.

The Department is, however, pleased to be able to announce that HMIC has now identified a Chief Constable from the South of England who has kindly agreed to undertake the investigation who will be available in the New Year.

In this connection HMIC are to visit the Island in early January to discuss the terms of reference and an agreed process for the Chief Constable, whom the HMIC have identified, to investigate the complaints. The Department is committed to progressing the investigations of the complaint as soon as possible.

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