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Trouble at Claddagh 19 May 2004

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is sorry to report that there has been unsocial behaviour and abuse of the public facilities at Sulby Claddagh.

Local residents have been kept awake all night by loud amplified music and raucous behaviour. The Police have been involved on a number of occasions. They have been investigating a particularly unpleasant incident when a local resident received a death threat after making a complaint.

The Claddagh has been littered with debris by louts fuelled by alcohol. On a number of occasions, the problem has involved underaged drinkers. Drug dealing has also been alleged.

Trees have been broken down and fires lit, causing damage to the grass and surrounding areas. This small nuisance element are spoiling the use of a popular amenity for other members of the public.

The Department will be holding meetings with Lezayre Commissioners and other interested parties to review management options for the future. If unsocial behaviour continues, consideration will have to be given to imposing further restrictions on the use of Sulby Claddagh by the public.

It is in everybody's interest to see the back of this nuisance. If members of the public come across unsocial behaviour at Sulby Claddagh, they should contact the Police on 631212 or the Department's Forestry Division on 801263.

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