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Difficulty: Easy
Major Climbs/Descents: None
Total Distance: 16 miles/26 kilometres

About the Route

The route starts in Ramsey, which has a good shopping area and pleasant harbour. This route covers the Northern Plain, which is a flat expanse of land much in contrast to the rest of the island. Most of the roads are quiet once outside of Ramsey and there is real beauty to see in the villages of Bride, Andreas and St Judes.

Route Plan

Cycle Route 5
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Ride the Route

  1. Start at the Manx Electric Railway Station, cross over Albert Street and go along Peel street.
  2. Turn right onto Market Hill, which is a short road leading to Market Place.
  3. Turn left onto Market Place and then left again onto West Quay.
  4. Follow the quay side and turn right over the swing bridge.
  5. Take the first right and go along Mooragh Promenade.
  6. The road follows the coast for about a mile and then turns inland and up a cliff.
  7. Turn right at the T junction onto Bride Road (A10) and stay on it for about 4 miles.
  8. Detour at the round about to visit Point of Ayre. Take a right at the roundabout and follow the A16 (5A) to Point of Ayre. Follow the same road to get back to the main route and turn right at the roundabout.
  9. Go through the village of Bride and continue along the A10 to The Lhen for the next 4 miles.
  10. Turn left onto Leoest Road towards Andreas and follow for 2 miles.
  11. At the T junctions turn left and then right at the Y junction in Andreas village centre.
  12. Turn right at the T junction near the church.
  13. After 1/4 mile turn right onto Bayr ny Harrey (Road to the Ayres in Manx) and follow the lane for 2 miles.
  14. Turn right at the crossroads and then left at the T junction.
  15. Ride along this road (A17) for 1 mile till you reach the village of St Judes.
  16. Turn left at the crossroads in St Judes and pass the St Judes Church.
  17. Follow this road (A13) for 5 miles back into Ramsey .
  18. Turn right at the T junction into Bowring Road and cross the bridge into the Ramsey centre.
  19. Go straight across the two mini roundabouts and turn left at the signpost for A2 to Laxey and Douglas. This brings you back to the Manx Electric Railway Station and ends the Route.

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Ramsey Beach

Mooragh Park

St Andrews Church in Andreas

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