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Medieval castle to giant water wheel. The Isle of Man has more than average tourist sites to attract, wonder and entertain.

Walk through a medieval castle in Castletown and learn how it was used for residence, defence, jail and official offices. Or try a ruined castle on the Isle of St. Patrick near Peel where tales of vikings, monks, and a ghost dog are told.

Climb the great Laxey Wheel known as 'Lady Isabella' and view the surroundings from the top of a water wheel over 70ft up. Ride on some of the oldest tram cars in the world, which meet in Laxey to carry passengers south, north and up the mountain Snaefell.

For those interested in the past way of life on the island, travel up to Cregneash and visit the village locked in time. Where the people live in thatched cottages, speak the native Manx language, and practise local trades and crafts.

The Isle of Man has a wealth of history and sites to go with it. Bringing the new and old together in the 'Story of Mann'.

Laxey Wheel (Lady Isabella)

Peel Castle

Rushen Abbey

Manx Transportation Museum

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