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Cregneash Village Cregneash 

Open: Mar 30th - May 25th 2018: Daily, 10am - 4pm
May 26th - Sept 2nd 2018: Daily, 10am - 5pm
Sept 3rd - Nov 4th 2018: Daily, 10am - 4pm
Price: PRICES FOR 2018
Adult: £6
Child (aged 5-15): £3
Disabled: Limited Access - Most building accessible with effort.
Location: Cregneash
Parking: Ample, close by in Car Park


Cregneash Village was set up as a living museum in 1938, when Harry Kelly's Cottage was restored and opened to the public. Since then the village has seen many of its Manx thatched cottages join the conservation. The Manx National Trust now owns over 300 acres and over 10 buildings, preserving the area as a site of Manx traditions and way of life.

The villagers of the past lived a varied life. Farming small fields of oats, rye, barley and wheat. Working as weavers during the dark hours of night and fishing with fleets from Port St Mary. The small village on an isolated plateau was self sufficient with people proud to be Manx and speak the language.

The people living in Cregneash today play an important role in preserving an old and important way of life. Living in traditional cottages and houses. Village life continues as it has for hundreds of years. Farms are maintained with horsepower and much of the livestock roam free. Traditional crafts and trades are practised and used in everyday life, keeping the past alive.


Cregneash is located in the southwest of the Island on Mull Hill between Port Erin and Port St Mary.

By Vehicle:
Head to Port St Mary, then take the A31 from Port St Mary to Cregneash.

By Bus:
Plan your journey with our Bus and Rail Timetables.

By Railway:
Travel on the Electric Railway to Douglas and then on the Stream Railway to Port St Mary. Take the no. 1 bus route from Port St Mary to Cregneash.

The Site

  • Harry Kelly's Cottage
  • Crebbin's Cottage
  • Weaver's House and Shed
  • Turner's Shed
  • Cummal Beg (Little Dwelling), Museum and Exhibition
  • Smithy
  • Church Farm
  • Karran Farm
  • Farm Trail

  • Visiting Cregneash Village

    To experience and understand more about the Manx people and their past way of life; a visit to this village is a must. Some of the houses and cottages are run for visitors to experience local Manx crafts and trades. To view the living museum a pass sticker must be purchased, which will allow entrance to the sites around the village. Most of the opened cottages have been maintained in whole or at least in part with traditional furnishings and decoration. Beware that not all the buildings are open to the public. Some are private residences. No ticket is required to eat at the cafe.

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    Harry Kelly's Cottage, Cregneash

    Manx Folk Dancing, Cregneash

    Cregneash Village

    Church Farm, Cregneash

    Cregneash Village

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