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A small village partly locked in time. One of the last places on the Isle of Man to use the Manx Language. Home to the rare four horned Manx Logthan sheep, which almost went extinct.

Cregneash is an isolated village set on the Mull Hills above Spanish Head. Until the start of the 1900's, the village had not been effected by technology. It was one of the last places to hear a native Manx Speaker. Eager to preserve the Manx traditions the small village was acquired over time by the Manx National Heritage to be made into an living museum. The first acquisition was Harry Kelly's cottage which opened to the public in 1938. Since then many more sites within the village and surrounding area have been added to the museum.

Much of Cregneash village is part of the Living Museum, but there are still a few homes with villagers living modern village life. The village church holds normal services on a Sunday and the tea rooms offer refreshment to locals as well as visitors. Cregneash is a village alive with history and holding a promising future.

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