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Early Historical Sites

From the Celts and Vikings began a way of life, which evolved into a culture. Around the island home they once lived in, follow the history which became known as Manx.

The Isle of Man has an old and varied past. Beginning with the hunters and gatherers of the Mesolithic period and moving through to the New Stone Age. The island then passes through the Bronze Age with its burial mounds and improved tools. From this age it passed into the Celtic Iron Age with its forts and roundhouses. Soon after, Christianity hit the Manx shores, changing many of its old beliefs. The Vikings followed bringing new ways of living as they settled on the island with the Celts. The people of the Isle of Man would be ruled by the Norse, the English and Scots; living through times of war and peace in turns. The monuments left behind around the coasts, hills and countryside allow us to understand more about how these people once lived, worshipped and died.

King Orry's Grave

St Adamnan's Church

Meayll (Mull) Circle


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