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Tynwald Hill


The Norse ran the island for over four hundred years from 800 AD to 1265 AD. It then fell to the Scots, who held it till 1405. The Stanley family of Lancashire were Lords of Man from 1405 to 1736. It was then passed to the Dukes of Atholl, a kin, who held it till it was taken as a Crown Dependency in 1765.

Back in 1079, Godred Crovan successfully invaded the Isle of Man and ruled it for 16 years. It is believed under his rule that the Tynwald Parliament was established. His image is set in the stained glass windows of the Tynwald Chamber in Douglas.

The Isle of Man is believed to have the longest unbroken parliament in the world. The ceremony was set out by Stanley, Lord of Man in 1417, shortly after he acquired the island. He wished the laws of his new property to be set out in writing.

On Manx National Day (normally the 5th of July), the government for the Island go out to Tynwald Hill in St Johns to read a summary of the laws passed over the last year. The artificial hill is made up of four circular platforms. The base is about 80ft in diameter and from ground to top the mound is about 12ft high. The hill is believed to have been a meeting place for the Celtic midsummer assembly. Hence the Celtic cross representing the sun god, Lugh. This past is still remembered by the laying of the rushes on the Processional Walkway (112.5 metres), which lies between the church and the hill.

In 1979, Tynwald celebrated its Millennium under the watchful eye of Her Majesty the Queen, Lord of Man. The Queen returned to preside over the ceremony in 2003, a year after her Golden Jubilee. The Isle of Man is not part of UK, but remains a Crown Dependency.


Tynwald Hill is located in the village of St Johns near Peel in the midwest part of the island.
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By Vehicle:
St John is near Peel along the A1.

By Bus:
St John can be reached by the following bus routes: 4, 4A, 5, 5A, 6, 6A, 6B, 7A, 8, 10, X5. Travelling from Douglas, Peel and Ramsey.

By Railway:
St John is not accessible by the Railways.

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Tynwald Hill

Tynwald Hill

Tynwald Hill

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