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Early Christian Period

The Isle of Man saw the first signs of Christianity during this era. Across the countryside keeills (chapels) and crosses appeared. The early keeills, made of sod and vegetation have long vanished, but some of the later ones made of stone lie with visible ruins. Small, plain structures the keeills were maintained by priests, who lived in small cells near or attached to the chapel. Most keeills were surrounded by a burial ground. The most impressive artifacts from this time are the stone crosses. They range in style and skill following on from Oghams with their basic burial inscriptions. Some of the earliest crosses date around 650 - 800 AD. Today the crosses are either in their believed original positions, or in parish churches or churchyards, or at the Manx Museum. Sites or examples from this period can be found at Kirk Braddan and Kirk Lonan.

Early Christian Period on the Isle of Man 500 - 750 AD
As stated in the Manx Museum
Kirk Braddan

Kirk Lonan

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