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St Peter's Church


St Peter's Church was originally built as a chapel of ease, supporting St German's Cathedral in Peel Castle. The chapel seated a congregation of 600, but was rebuilt twice due to fires. Once in the early 18th century (extensively) and again in the early 19th century. A clock tower was added in 1872 and was financed by public subscription. The clock itself was a gift from JK Ward, a local man who had prospered in Canada. The chapel came to be the parish church of Kirk German and stayed so for almost 300 years till in 1884 it was succeeded by the present Cathedral Church of St German.

St Peter's Church was then left vacant for 10 years before being converted into a Mission Church. It was used as a Sunday School and held occasional Manx Gaelic Services till 1939. A fire in 1958 made the building unsafe and it was demolished shortly after. The graveyard was transferred to the new church on Douglas Road, which opened in 1851.


On the west side of the island near the city of Peel.

By Vehicle:
Take any roads sign posted to Peel or the west. Once in Peel, drive through the city centre towards the harbour. St Peter's Church tower should be in view. It is near Castle Street.

By Bus:
Take the bus routes no. 4, 5, 5A, X5, 6 or 6A. servicing from Douglas and Ramsey to Peel (Note the 6A only travels from Douglas).

By Railway:
The west side of the Island is not serviced by the Railways. Take a vehicle or bus.

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St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church

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