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Mediaeval (Medieval) Period

Magnus, the last Viking King of Mann, died in 1265. The island then passed from Scottish rule to English rule and back again to the Scots as the two fought for control of the island. Throughout this time both Castle Rushen and Peel Castle were fortified against attacks, as were many of the island forts. In addition to the military fortification the Isle of Man also saw new and improved ecclesiastical buildings. These included improvments to the monastery Rushen Abbey (est. 1134 under Norse Rule). By the 12th century, the parish church was established. Though it would not be till 1405 AD that the Isle of Man would experience quieter times under the English rule of the Stanleys and later the Dukes of Atholl.

Medieval Period on the Isle of Man 1265 AD

Peel Castle

Castle Rushen

St Michael's Isle Round Fort, Derby Fort

Rushen Abbey

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