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St Michael's Isle Chapel


The chapel on St Michael's Isle is a good example of a building erected by Norse-Celtic Christians in the early 1100's (12th Century). A few building repairs and alterations in the form of moving doors and windows were all this little keeill saw in its lifetime. The building itself was constructed of local stone including limestone blocks, volcanic ash and shore rock. It was once covered with a slate roof. The interior of the building was divided into three sections. Under the bell tower was an altar and possibly a safe. In the middle was a section set out for a small congregation complete with stone benches along the walls. The back section or section farthest away from the altar was a walled off room with an inside bar held lock. This room might have been used by the resident cleric.

The chapel is surround by a burial ground identified by a raised earth and stone bank. It is unknown when the small chapel ceased to be used, but records show that it has had no roof for the past 300 years. The grounds continued to be used for burials till 1870, by a Catholic Community and for ship wreck victims.


At the far end of Langness near Castletown in the south of the island.
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By Vehicle:
Castletown is a main southern town, served by a multitude of roads. Just follow the road signs. Langness is marked by signs, but if in doubt follow signs for the golf course.

By Bus:
Castletown can be reached by the following bus routes: 1, 1C, 2, 2A, 8 X1, X2. Travelling from Douglas, Port Erin, Port St Mary and Peel. Langness is at the far end of Castletown Bay. There is a road along the coast, which leads to it.

By Railway:
Castletown can be reached by the taking the Electric Railway to Douglas and then the Steam Railway to Castletown. Head straight for the coast and follow the bay along to Langness.
Castletown can be reached on the Steam Railway from Douglas going to Port Erin or by taking the Port Erin (Port St Mary) train going to Douglas. Then follow instructions above.

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St Michael's Isle Chapel

St Michael's Isle Chapel

St Michael's Isle Chapel

St Michael's Isle Chapel

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