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Monks' Bridge


Monks' Bridge also known as Crossag in Manx meaning "little crossing" was built in the 1350 AD by the Cistercian monks of Rushen Abbey (est 1134 AD). The pack-horse bridge allowed the monks to pass over the Silverburn River near Rushen Abbey in Ballasalla so they could travel to their northern farms. It is believed to be the best example of medieval bridge in the British Isles.


Monks Bridge is near Rushen Abbey at the end of Abbey Close (the lane between the Abbey and Silver Burn River) in the village of Ballasalla which is in the south of the island near Castletown.
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By Vehicle:
Ballasalla is near Castletown along the A5 (Douglas Road).

By Bus:
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By Railway:
Ballasalla can be reached by the taking the Electric Railway to Douglas and then the Steam Railway to Ballasalla.

Ballasalla can be reached on the Steam Railway from Douglas going to Port Erin or by taking the Port Erin train going to Douglas.

Monks Bridge

Monks Bridge

Monks Bridge

Monks Bridge

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