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Bronze Age

By this time (1800-1700 BC) the Isle of Man saw people originally from the continent moving onto the island from Britain. These people brought with them different pottery and burial customs. The new people also had metal working skills for bronze, which was replacing stone for weapons. The large communal tombs of the Megaliths were replaced with smaller more personal mounds. Bodies were put in stone lined graves along with ornamental containers. The Bronze Age burial mounds created long lasting markers skattered about the countryside. They were respected by the people which followed and many still remain today around the Isle of Man. Sites like Giant's Grave in St Johns, and Meayll Circle near Cregneash are believed to be from the Bronze Age. Whilst the The Braaid may also have connection to that period.

Bronze Age on the Isle of Man 2000 - 500 BC
As stated in the Manx Museum

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