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Norse Period

This period brought the Vikings to the shores of the Celts. The wealth of growing Christianity must have played a part in potential invasion from raiders. The Norse first came to the Isle of Man around 850 AD. Though it would not be till 1079, that the island would be ruled by them. Over time the Norse eventually settled with the local Celts and even inter-married. They were absorbed into the local population where the culture took on a blend of Celtic and Norse. The Norse moved towards Christianity and practiced the art of stone carving. Some even took on a life of farming. The Celts took on some Norse beliefs and Myths, as well as, Norse names and government, they even lived in Norse designed houses. The Isle of Man has the Norse to thank for the Tynwald Parliament, many defensive works on its forts, as well as finely carved crosses.

Norse (Viking) Period on the Isle of Man 750 - 1265 AD

9th Viking Congress, Isle of Man, 1981: Select Papers: Viking Age in the Isle of Man - Select Papers 9th
Christine Fell, Peter Foote, James Graham-Campbell, Robert Thompson
Viking Society for Northern Research, Hardcover, December, 1983
ISBN: 0903521164
List Price: £12.00
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