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Tynwald National Park

Open: All Year: Daily
Price: Free
Disabled: Access
Location: St Johns
Parking: Ample, in Car Park


Situated near Tynwald Hill and Church, the park is also known as St Johns Arboretum. Created to mark the Millennium Anniversary of Tynwald (Isle of Man Parliament). The grounds were planted with trees from the 17 Manx Parishes. Wooden signs are engraved with each parish name and mark gatherings of trees, bushes and flower beds.


Tynwald National Park (Arboretum) is located in the village of St Johns near Peel in the midwest part of the island.

By Vehicle:
St John is near Peel along the A1.

By Bus:
Plan your journey with our Bus and Rail Timetables.

By Railway:
St John is not accessible by the Railways.


  • Paved Walkways
  • Pond with Ducks
  • Playground

  • Visiting Tynwald National Park

    Paved paths wind through grass and trees, making access through the park very easy. There is a viewing area offering access for the disabled, but the view is not very good from that location due to thickening of vegetation. A variety of ducks make their home in the small lake (pond) and are always happy for a bit of bread. There are benches about the park for the comfort of visitors and children will find the enclosed playground well worth a visit.

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    Tynwald National Park

    Tynwald National Park

    Tynwald National Park

    Tynwald National Park

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