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The Isle of Man can offer a truly memorable golfing experience. Although just 33 miles long by 13 wide, the Island has eight golf courses (seven 18-hole ones and a nine-holer) and as the population is scarcely 75,000, there's a good chance that you won't be facing long queues or delays you would with other golfing destinations.

Even if you're staying only a few days you'll have the opportunity to visit a number of different golf clubs and try out a variety of courses. The uncrowded roads and natural beauty of the surroundings is part of the Island's secret to a great golfing experience.

Most of the golf courses are located in the southern part of the Island and are well within reasonable driving distance of one another. The mild Island weather makes all year golfing possible and the stunning coastline and breathtaking views will make even the worse game seem bearable. Come for the golf, but do not forget the club facilities where warm welcomes and a calming atmosphere bring locals and visitors together to share the secrets of the courses.

From championship golf courses to the one nine hole golf course, golfing on the Isle of Man is a unique option for visitors from the UK and Ireland. Less than an hour away by air or a few hours on the ferry. There is no passport control, no jet lag, and no need to rise early to beat traffic or queues. Have you planned your visit yet?

Mount Murray Golf Course, Santon

Castletown Golf Course

Ramsey Golf Course

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