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Recreational Activities

Walking, cycling, climbing, diving, golfing, and so much more.

There are many activities on the island for all ages both inside and outside. Whether you like to cycle on country lanes, up and down hills or along the flat. Maybe walking and hiking in or along the many island glens and coastal paths. There is also coastal diving, where shipwrecks and sea life hide in the dark waters of the Irish Sea. For the more adventurous there is even the option of swimming with sharks. Out of the waters and back to land, where rocking climbing the cliffs can prove a challenge for novices as well as experts.

For more general activities there are many sports centres on the island, offering a large range of things to do. Swimming pools with slides, squash, table tennis, and other indoor sports. The island also has a large range of golf courses in a variety of locations around the island.

Fishing has been part of the islands history since the first people came to its shores. It is still very much alive today. Whether in streams and reservoirs inland or out to the coast on boats. The island can meet the needs of those who fish and give good catches as a reward.

Canoning at Mooragh Park

River Walking in Ballaglass Glen

Paddle Boats on Mooragh Park

Sailing in Ramsey Bay

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